Superman? Really?

This is not Superman. Sorry, folks.

Oh my damn.

Warner Bros. released the first look at Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel yesterday and, seriously, where do I start?

My kneejerk reaction is that I’m not impressed. I’m not repulsed (that was my reaction upon seeingĀ  the costume for THE GREEN LANTERN), but I’m not impressed. Sure, there no overall radical changes to the costume – though I am curious as to what’s going on with Superman’s right thigh – but I’m just loving loving this the way I should be. It’s Superman for fuck’s sake! I should be drooling over this first pic. But alas, not even a piddle…

First, what they got right. I love the fact that the big “S” is back. I didn’t hate the costume in SUPERMAN RETURNS, but my biggest quibble was that the “s” was not as impressive as in previous films. It looked a little wimpy, and if Supes is anything, it’s not wimpy. So I’m glad that’s back. I also don’t have a problem with the somewhat muted colors of the costume. I’m guessing the producers thought having the Man of Tomorrow in true blue, red and yellow would look too silly – at least that’s what we always hear. But I like the colors enough, and I’m eagerly waiting to see what they look like in more light.

Now what they got wrong. Everything else. Is this suit supposed to be made out of rubber? And what’s with the pattern? I swear if you took off the “S” and painted the top orange, took away the way-too-long-and-flowy Batman-esque cape and handed the man a trident, you’d have a great start to a kickass Aquaman costume. I read someone on another blog who referred to the costume as looking like a wetsuit. Well played, poster. Well played. I’m also curious about the wrist treatments. Not a major issue – just curious. They could have at least kept the spit curl, though. Is a little twirly tuft of hair too much to ask for?

And the actor himself? Totally miscast. His Superman looks more like a sadistic overlord than heroic savior. But that’s going a little far based on one image. Still, it’s what we’ve been given as a first impression of our new Man of Steel.

I’ll have to wait and see more before I can give a more educated opinion (and decide if I’ll even see the movie), but to sum up this first image?


Click the image below for a better look…

The Reel Deel - Henry Cavill as Superman

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