A Less Than GREAT Opening Weekend

I’m looking over the weekend box office numbers, and I gotta say I’m pissed. To my Black folks: we keep saying we want to see more positive images of ourselves on the big screen, we need to do better. Then why is it that an incredible movie like The Great Debaters came come out, on 1,164 screens (true, not a great number, but a very capable one), and only muster $13,548,000 in six days of release? We’re the same people who can go out and give Tyler Perry a $29 million opening weekend, why didn’t we do the same for this movie, which is far better than anything Mr. Perry has yet to do? I’m just curious – and frustrated. If we don’t strongly support movies that show us at our best, then it’ll give those in Hollywood who still think ill of us the ammo they need to keep feeding us junk like Soul Plane and Who’s Your Caddy? (though there were Blacks as well behind that movie, but that’s another story) while telling us we don’t support “positive” movies.

I hate proving those assholes right.

The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters (2007)

Cast: Denzel Washington, Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Director: Denzel Washington

Genre: drama

Trailer The Great Debaters

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