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Why I Won’t See ‘The Help’

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Because I’m Black and it’s 2011. That is all…

Superman? Really?

This is not Superman. Sorry, folks.

Oh my damn. Warner Bros. released the first look at Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel yesterday and, seriously, where do I start? My kneejerk reaction is that I’m not impressed. I’m not repulsed (that was my reaction upon seeingĀ  the costume for THE GREEN LANTERN), but I’m not impressed. Sure, there no overall [...]

Hello, World!

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Welcome to THE REEL DEEL – where you’ll get thoughts and opinions on today’s pop culture served straight. No chaser. 8/5/11 marks this site’s debut, and I hope it’ll have a long run. Check it out, take a look around, tell me what you think. If you’d like, visit the Contact page and drop me [...]